Imprimis travel design was born with a precise intention: to transform the tourist into a traveler.


Imprimis guarantees to give the traveler the right tools, based on the needs of, and prepared WITH the client, continuously updated and adjourned through the correspondence between us and you, and between us and the structures on the ground.

In the meantime, Imprimis will ensure the traveler  freedom of movement, suggesting the choices we will make together along the process of itinerary building; we DO NOT offer prepackaged tours, neither are we constrained by existing partnerships.


At Imprimis we promote alternative paths, less traveled routes, hidden treasures and places in Italy that amazingly, have yet to be discovered or appreciated,


What we do, is to create an independent path, to better live the “Italian way of life”.

The Services

1)Consultancy on the Italian territory.

•                Overall consultation and suggestions about how best to organize your holiday.

•                Illustration of itinerary, based on your feedback.

•                360 degrees consultancy on the Italian territory.

•                Profiling test.


2) Itinerary Design

•                Step-by-step assistance

•                Consultation of accommodations

•                Consultation of transport


3) Bookings and Transport

•                Logistical and practical info.

•                Car hire if requested.

•                Sim Card if requested.

•                Advice on best time to do what and go where.

•                Booking of transfers and accommodations.

4) Cultural informative notes

•                Sightseeing info, with historical background.

•                Walking itineraries through art cities (on request)

•                Practical info about sites: work hours, opening days.


5) Eno-gastromical orientation

•                Advise on suggested restaurants in each area, based on first-hand experience.

•                Info on regional specialties which need to be tasted (when possible)

•                Suggested shop-wine bars where to shop for fine wine (when possible)


6) Specific Itineraries

•                Suggested retailers, chosen with criteria of convenience and/or exclusivity.

•                Indication of the outlet fashion cities, otherwise unknown to most people.

•                Advise, suggestion and bookings on selected activities.


7) Assistance

•                Numbers and addresses of Police stations, touristic info point and taxi stages where possible.

8) Booking of Tour Guides

•                Booking of tours, excursions and Tour Guides


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Ice & Snow

Sun & Sea


Wine & Food


Glamour & Shopping


Sport and adventures

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